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Jewelry Care

To keep your pieces in the best condition, we suggest storing them in a dust bag or box separately. 

Our jewelry is made from different materials so keep reading to find out how you can best take care of it.


If your piece is entirely made from stainless steel (so no rhinestones, pearls, etc.) you are free to wear them while washing your hands, taking a bath, living your best life. 

If you're piece has pearls, rhinestones or other details on them please avoid lotions, perfume, oils, water or any substances that may harm those pieces. 

We do always suggest you take your jewelry off when sleeping, when hitting the gym/working out or when applying makeup.

After each wear, gently wipe your piece with a cloth and keep safe in a box or dust bag.


With these pieces you can expect some natural tarnishing over time when you wear them often. Protect your jewelry from water, any lotions, oils, etc. and from abrasive surfaces and harsh chemicals. Please be mindful when applying your makeup or wearing makeup near the jewelry pieces or getting these pieces wet/leaving them in a humid environment. Tarnishing and discoloration occur by the oxidization process, when metal is in contact with air and acids through handling and moisture.

We suggest keeping all your jewelry pieces individually in a box or dust bag to prevent scratching, they don't rub together or get tangled.

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