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Mango wood stool

Mango wood stool


Mango wood stool, handcrafted in Indonesia.

This chisseled stool can be used for different things: bench, stepping stone, plant stand,... 

It fits perfectly within an organic modern or japandi interior.

Material: Solid mango wood

Meas.: 40cm l, 25cm b, 20cm h. 

Color: Brown


  • Care instructions

    The mango wood is protected against water stains by a sealer layer.

    -Wipe regularly with a slightly damp or dry duster without heavy stitching, to prevent scratches.

    -Avoid all cleaning tools with a rough surface.

    -Avoid polishing or cleaning products that contain silicone as they can dry out natural wood over time.

    -Do not use detergents or cleaning products that contain ammonia.

    -Rub the wax into the wood to create a beautiful shine and natural protective finish. It also prevents the wood from drying out.

    -Mineral oil can be applied with a cloth. This will build up over time and form a protective surface.

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